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Franchising vs. Independent Small Business Ownership

With countless decisions to be made, running a small business is a challenging endeavor for any entrepreneur. There are many factors to consider when taking the dive into small business ownership: location, business model, suppliers, product quality, employees and more. But first, you must decide how you would like to start your business — build[...]
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Eureka! Discovering Happiness with Restaurant Ownership

Carving Meat
Another day at your corporate job means another day sitting at the same desk for eight hours doing the same things over and over again. For some, this is fine! Familiarity and consistency are what drives them in their professional lives. But for others, this is a drag. Luckily for these people, the restaurant business[...]
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Let’s Dish About the Economy

The Great Greek Grill restaurant
American foodies have an insatiable appetite for eating out — that’s good news for the economy and innovative restaurant franchisors with a unique concept. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is the ideal foodservice investment, helping franchisees to cash in on one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The Great Greek has attracted enthusiastic store owners[...]
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It’s No Myth: The Great Greek is Better Than Your Neighborhood Restaurant

a diet-friendly meal
Start with a wonderful concept. Then, you’re going to stir in the freshest ingredients, fold in quality service and sprinkle in 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. What do you have? The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill! You’ve been to several restaurants, but we’re sure you have never experienced anything like what The Great[...]
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The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Announces Expansion Into New Markets

The Great Greek Grill dining area
The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill has announced it will be opening new locations in Texas, Colorado, and Florida. To date, the fast-casual restaurant franchise has sold more than 15 locations throughout the United States, and others are under development. The Great Greek brand is part of United Franchise Group (UFG), The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs,[...]
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